— NFT — Order of the Black Rose — NFT —

It’s the 12th century, war has corrupted our lands, and King Arthur has lost all his collected artwork by thieves.

The King passes away with a broken heart, while holding his beloved rose that also turned into ashes.

$OBR & $OBRB needs YOU ⚔️

Fund the mission & join our Presale

  • The NFT Artwork will be distributed weekly randomly to the OBR and OBRB holders via a Snapshot. In our own NFT decentralized Marketplace you will be able to buy and sell cards with OBR and OBRB.
  • Anyone that you invite onto our NFT Marketplace, who makes a sale or purchases, you get 1 point. When you reach 10 points you get one random NFT Artwork.
  • You burn 2% during each transaction in OBR or OBRB.
  • For the first time ever! You can purchase with either Ethereum or BNB, as you choose!

Unique Pre-Sale OBR Animated NFT Limited Offering:

Join the Army from Queen Elizabeth

  • Receive your first Presale unique animated NFT Card when you buy $OBR or $OBRB worth 50 ETH or more *CZ Binance & Vitalik Ethereum NFT Card

The NFT Cards

Start — 09th November 2020

  • Total Supply — 50,000 OBR
  • Duration — 7 Days
  • No Hard-Cap
  • No Soft-Cap
  • 1 ETH min. Purchase
  • 50 ETH max. Purchase
  • Daily increasing Price
  • At the end from the Pre-Sale NFT Distribution
  • Token Payout immediately after the Purchase

Pre Sale Allocation

  • 30% Marketing
  • 10% Artwork
  • 30% Team
  • 30% Liquidity

Token Allocation from unsold Tokens

“All Pre-Sale unsold tokens will be locked in the JustLiquidity Protocol”

  • 30% Artwork
  • 10% Marketing
  • 50% will remain in the JustLiquidity Protocol

Official Partner of JustLiquidity

More Updates coming soon!

The 1st Role Play (RP) NFT project on both Blockchains #BSC & #ETH with Marketplace!- Staking & Liquidity #NFT farming! $OBR $OBRB t.me/NftObr