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Order of the Black Rose
2 min readNov 2, 2020

It’s the 12th century, war has corrupted our lands, and King Arthur has lost all his collected artwork by thieves.

The King passes away with a broken heart, while holding his beloved rose that also turned into ashes.

Years later, the King’s bloodline Queen Elizabeth decides to honor the King’s legacy and orders her army to travel all over the world to seek and bring the lost NFT artwork back home.

The army is strong and the mission is named after the last thing the King was holding : Order of the Black Rose

$OBR & $OBRB needs YOU ⚔️

Fund the mission & join our Presale

  • The NFT Artwork will be distributed weekly randomly to the OBR and OBRB holders via a Snapshot. In our own NFT decentralized Marketplace you will be able to buy and sell cards with OBR and OBRB.
  • Anyone that you invite onto our NFT Marketplace, who makes a sale or purchases, you get 1 point. When you reach 10 points you get one random NFT Artwork.
  • You burn 2% during each transaction in OBR or OBRB.
  • For the first time ever! You can purchase with either Ethereum or BNB, as you choose!

Unique Pre-Sale OBR Animated NFT Limited Offering:

Join the Army from Queen Elizabeth

  • Receive your first Presale unique animated NFT Card when you buy $OBR or $OBRB worth 25 ETH or more *The Order of the Black Rose NFT Card
  • Receive your first Presale unique animated NFT Card when you buy $OBR or $OBRB worth 50 ETH or more *CZ Binance & Vitalik Ethereum NFT Card

The NFT Cards

  1. Order of the Black Rose

2. CZ Binance & Vitalik Ethereum

….Will only be issued to our Pre-Sale buyers with equal 25 ETH or more and at 50 ETH.

Start — 09th November 2020

  • Total Supply — 50,000 OBR
  • Duration — 7 Days
  • No Hard-Cap
  • No Soft-Cap
  • 1 ETH min. Purchase
  • 50 ETH max. Purchase
  • Daily increasing Price
  • At the end from the Pre-Sale NFT Distribution
  • Token Payout immediately after the Purchase

Ethereum Blockchain OBR (ERC20) & Binance Smart Chain OBRB (BEP20)

Pre Sale Allocation

  • 30% Marketing
  • 10% Artwork
  • 30% Team
  • 30% Liquidity

Token Allocation from unsold Tokens

“All Pre-Sale unsold tokens will be locked in the JustLiquidity Protocol”

  • 10% Team
  • 30% Artwork
  • 10% Marketing
  • 50% will remain in the JustLiquidity Protocol

Official Partner of JustLiquidity

More Updates coming soon!



Order of the Black Rose

The 1st Role Play (RP) NFT project on both Blockchains #BSC & #ETH with Marketplace!- Staking & Liquidity #NFT farming! $OBR $OBRB t.me/NftObr