Order of the Black Rose
2 min readDec 25, 2020


The Mission Moves towards its Biggest Milestone Yet!

OBR’s Marketplace to Go LIVE on Feb 1

The Order of the Black Rose has had a rather encouraging launch, followed by regular weekly #NFT distribution to its Hodlers. The Queen’s mission has seen support from around the Globe, and it is this support that brings OBR to one of its biggest milestones yet. While OBR’s #NFTs are already gathering support and interest from investors, now the marketplace is almost ready.

For anyone new to the world of #NFTs, here’s a quick rundown — NFTs are unique & digital assets with blockchain-managed ownership. With OBR you have various NFT cards like the less rare Order of the Black Rose basic NFT, or the Rarer $DGB in the Great China NFT or the Elon Musk one, etc. Once you own these NFTs, you can choose to trade them with users for services, exchange them or even just sell or buy them because you want to fulfill your deck.

The Marketplace

And the place where all these transactions take place is the Marketplace. These marketplaces run on various different smart chains like the Ethereum one or the Binance Smart Chain.

What’s special about OBR is that it is a unique project with a RPG theme to it, and is going to be available on both the Ethereum and the Binance Smart Chain.

Given that it is a Unique build, there are two Main Points -

  • Conception
    Since it is a new idea, it has to be built from scratch. You can’t piggy-back off of someone else’s technology and build it from there.
  • Security
    The biggest concern for any project should be Security of its users. So while things are being built from scratch, security against any external interferences needs to be addressed and safeguarded for.

The Launch

After addressing all concerns and still coming up with new ideas, the OBR Marketplace is almost ready. The Marketplaces are scheduled to go LIVE on the 1st of February 2021. Seems like 2021 will have a better start than 2020 after all!!

Started Building your Deck Yet?!

While there is still a little time for the Marketplace to go Live, it is mighty important to Remember that OBR NFT cards are regularly being distributed to hodlers and the Mission grows stronger everyday. If you are someone who hasn’t started collecting these NFT yet, then don’t waste a minute! Get your First $OBR #NFT Now! And Start Collecting!

Website : https://nftobr.com/

For more info Join our Community on Telegram :https://t.me/NftObr



Order of the Black Rose

The 1st Role Play (RP) NFT project on both Blockchains #BSC & #ETH with Marketplace!- Staking & Liquidity #NFT farming! $OBR $OBRB t.me/NftObr